Forestinne Primoria 7,5 - 1/3L - V

Forestinne Primoria 7,5° - 1/3L - V

Ref: BB40375V

Forestinne Primoria is a golden beer with a 7,5% of alcohol. The aroma is a touch of hop with a woody nose; a fruity taste with a few touches of malt. In contrast with the current tendency of fruit beers and sugary beers, we have tried to stay within the boundaries of the traditional beer brewery by brewing a bitter beer, because bitterness is the essence of beer.<br />The label has been designed by Grégory Groves, a non-professional drawer from Brussels. You can see part of a wood, as you’r opening the shrubbery, where a small ’Nûtonne’ is hiding the secret ingredient - which gives the bitter freshness to our beer - behind her back !

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