Rochefort 10 -1/3L

Rochefort 10 -1/3L

Ref: BB20858

The Trappist-Rochefort beers are top-fermented brown ales. They are brewed and racked within the walls of the Abbey of St-Remy in Rochefort. The modest size of the brewery means that the Trappist monks and their fellow workers can perfectly control the production process. The craft beer aspect is particularly appreciated by beer lovers. The Trappist-Rochefort 10 starts with a density of 24.50° Plato which produces a 11.3% vol. alcohol. A marvellous beer! But to be drunk in moderation! The Trappist-Rochefort beers are refermented in the bottle and their full flavour can best be enjoyed when they are served in their own specific glassware at a temperature between 12 and 14 degrees.

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